Like father, like son

Development of the company

If you’d passed through the Heideland area of Weding around 1964, you wouldn’t have come across much apart from a couple of black and white cows. Not a graphic designer or printer in sight. That’s because we weren’t based here until 1994. In 1962, the founder of the company, Kurt Leupelt, had taken over a run-down printing firm called Gutenberg-Druckerei, which was located in a rear courtyard in Südergraben, Flensburg. He soon realised that he needed to move out of there, so he and his family put all their effort into building a house in Harrislee on the border with Denmark. Here, in 1964, Leupelt began dedicating himself to producing great printed materials for his customers. Back then, little Ulli had great fun playing around between the machines and stacks of paper. His training as the company’s successor began during his schooldays: very traditionally at first, with lead type and printing inks, and later as typesetter and graphic designer. He often helped out with various tasks involving paper, cardboard, dyes and glue.

It’s all very well and good for anyone who has ever handled everything themselves – and particularly with customers who have an idea and are looking for a way to turn it into reality. But because nobody can do everything completely on their own, Ulrich Leupelt has been searching for the best and most dedicated employees that North Germany has to offer ever since he took over management of the company in 1990. This has enabled the printing company to develop into a highly productive and modern service provider in the best sense of the word following its move to its current premises. Franziska Leupelt became a managing partner of the company in 2008, thus adding dynamism, modernity and growth to Ulrich Leupelt’s many years of experience. Today, the company is managed by Franziska, and is customer-focused, commercially professional and still a friendly, family-run enterprise.